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helo all... im have some problem for calculation / logarithm key on NFC card, :unsure:
im have 3 type NFC card, Apathon, EDA and YGS. im try to find calculation key (i think like making keygen) connection between Key A, key B and UID
i'm trying to unlock using MFOC and MFCUK and got conclusions, UID calculation with Key A = Key B but im can't find logarithm for get Value Key B (value UID constan). i hope im get answer, clue or reference about my problem... thanks:D 

hardware = Proxmark, acr122u, PN532, arduino uno
software = Parrot OS, proxmarx tool, MFOC and MFCUK

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I think you want to analyse a mifare classic card, right?
It's not clear, did you recover all 32 Keys? 16 KeyA and 16 KeyB?

Maybe you can describe in more detail, what you want to do...

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