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(reverzor) Universal Cloud Decompiler


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Universal Cloud Decompiler

The first cloud based tool that decompiles almost everything! Decompile files on the fly, from everywhere, and on every device.

PHP Encoded
Reverzor can decompile most PHP encoded files. Examples are ionCube, Zend Guard, bCompiler bz2, TrueBug, Nu-Coder, MMCache, eAccelerator and more!

.NET Binaries
Reverzor can decompile all the latest C# and VB compiled related files, including EXE and DLLs. You are able to recover the full SLN project file for Visual Studio.

Android APK
Reverzor can decompile up to the latest Android apps, recovering almost all compiled binaries in to source files. Including Class/DEX/RES decompiling.

AutoIt Binaries

Reverzor can decompile AutoIt binaries, recovering it back to readable source code. It will also deobfuscate the obfuscated code/classes.

Flash SWF
Reverzor can decompile SWF clips and programs back into FLA source files. This includes recovery of all graphical resources and CC Animate project files.

LUA Scripts
Reverzor can decompile and recover LUA compiled scripts back into readable and editable scripts. This feature is still in beta and in development.

NSIS Installers
Reverzor can decompile and recover the original NSIS script inside the NSIS setup file, allowing you to recompile the NSIS project.

Packed Binaries
Reverzor unpack protected binaries. This is required before you try to decompile protectd binaries. Examples are UPX, ASPack, SFX.

Obfuscated Bins
Reverzor can deobfuscate hard protected binaries, rearranging and cleaning up the obfuscated functions in a binary.


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