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convert asm instruction

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How do I rewrite this code into high level language to have 4fa1 as a result.

MOV EAX, 0x4ea1
MOV EDX. 0x8d4f

EAX = 0x4fa1



my half-solution so far 

1. (a >> 8) = 0x4e
2. (d && 0xff) = 0x4f
3. a | d

a = 0x4f

how to make variable a = 0x4fa1 ?


I understand what's wrong but have no idea how to fix it.


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Etor Madiv

Can be translated by something like this:

unsigned int a = 0x4ea1;
unsigned int d = 0x8d4f;
a |= ( (d << 8) & 0xFF00 );


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thank you, it works :D

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