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Problem Downloading Some Tutorials!?


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I'm having difficulty downloading some tutorials from the main website (https://tuts4you.com/download.php).

Small tutorial files around 1 or 2 MB or so can usually be downloaded without issue. But files greater than 2 MB can't be completely downloaded, the file transfer suddenly stops (at 70 ~ 90 % completion) and can't be resumed(?)

I'm on a slow (dial-up) internet connection, which doesn't help for a start. Broadband internet is available here but is unaffordable. So using a broadband internet connection is not an option at this time, unfortunately.

Tried using different browsers (Opera and Firefox), and also tried downloading with and without download managers (used IDManager and IDAccelerator).

The download managers seem to indicate that the files can be resumed downloading from where downloading was suddenly stopped, but a message box usually appears saying something about the file size has changed and do I want to download from the beginning (again)!? I usually cancel the download at this point as it is unlikely the file size has changed and there must be something wrong with the download procedure somewhere.

Is there a time limit for downloading the tutorial file(s)?

Why can't the files be download resumed from where the download left off?

Why is there an apparent change in file size when attempting to resume downloads?

How do you download any tutorial file without issue regardless of file size?


Thanks for any constructive comments. 

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Basically, the current system is in place to prevent excessive downloads and leeches. As s side effect of using that php script - there's no resume feature.

However, I haven't noticed any problems downloading either from mobile or from my main machine. But then again, dial-up disappeared in Europe 10+ years ago. :)

If you could provide specific links to few tutorials, I can reupload them for you. Is there a specific server that you prefer?

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Extreme Coders

Actually, resume is possible, the server supports range request although by default it doesn't announce that.
For this you would need to include a Range header in the http request which can be done using cUrl or similar tools. Later you can merge all parts into a single file

Quick example with a small text file:
view url = https://tuts4you.com/download.php?view.1467
download url = https://tuts4you.com/request.php?1467
size = 53 bytes

To download last 25 bytes i.e 28-52 (both bounds inclusive)

However, this does not mean that you can download as much as want in one go. The usual download quota per IP still applies. 

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Thanks for the comments.

Some of us simply can't afford broadband due to limited finances (as is in my case).

I'm trying to download the odd tutorial here and there and at random times, so it may not be convenient for anyone to upload these files elsewhere for downloading unless, ALL the tutorials are uploaded to another better sever that allows plenty time for downloading and allows resumption of downloads also.

I don't really want to, nor should I have to, fool around with scripts, codes or whatever in order to complete downloads from this server here. It should be simply downloading files as per usual procedure using browsers and/or download managers, and that's it.

I just tried downloading a single (3.7 MB) tutorial (the only download of the day from this server) via Firefox, but once again the download stopped and failed after downloading about 2.0 MB! This repeated failure of downloads here over the last couple of days is quickly becoming a major irritation!! :angry:


What is the limit on downloads per IP per day?

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umm, have you realised the problem is your connection... and your isp and not the server ?

as for the 'I don't really want to, nor should I have to'... entitled much ?

you're aware of the tut torrent ? if not, try searching

and also you're complaining to the wrong people, try complaining to your isp.. dialup is prone to errors / disconnects

maybe go to a college / uni / inet cafe / friends house with decent inet and download there ?

and also think about what a server does and how it has to handle potentially hundreds of users downloading files.. if one just 'sits' there or repeatedly disconnects or times out of course, hence the anti leech, which is VERY common on lots of sites


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My internet connection, although slow, is fairly reliable. There are rarely any disconnects, but there is the occasional dropout or pause in downloads.


Downloading from most other sites is usually done without any issue, even with the occasional dropout. The problem seems to be with this website (tuts4you) server; it appears there is a time limit on downloading files, and it seems to assume everyone is using a broadband internet connection. Extra time to download files should be allowed, not everyone has access to broadband.


Also it appears that download resuming is not supported either, which is not really helpful when trying to download large files when there are dropouts or disconnects during the downloading procedure.


If files are being offered for downloading, then downloading using browsers and/or download managers is the usual accepted procedure. If having to resort to using extra programs, scripts or whatever else in order to download files, then this suggests that there is an issue with the originating server.


There are broadband connected computers available from Internet Cafe's and libraries, but at a cost; their use is not for free here. If wanting to download different files on an as required basis and at various times, then using these other computers could be an expensive exercise. An expense I could do without owing to very limited income.


And I still am unable to download (completely) a 3.7 MB tutorial from this site, despite around a dozen attempts over the past two or three days. The downloads always stop before completion and can't be resumed.


The file here - https://tuts4you.com/download.php?view.75 was downloaded and extracted without issue. But I haven't tried this plugin (yet) to see if it works properly or not.

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When I download that Olly plugin, I get a corrupted rar file with

SHA-1 : 1CCD75784A35DB15F5AC42A23D978216707518F1

no idea if it's also my connection ?!

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29 minutes ago, Kurapica said:

When I download that Olly plugin, I get a corrupted rar file with

SHA-1 : 1CCD75784A35DB15F5AC42A23D978216707518F1

no idea if it's also my connection ?!

I got the same SHA-1 and rar opens and extracts fine for me

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My internet connection is basically OK.


The file hash I got for the file I downloaded is -


SHA-1   1CCD75784A35DB15F5AC42A23D978216707518F1, which seems to be the same as your file.


Try downloading using a different browser, and/or try using a download manager if necessary. I used Opera 36 to download the file without the use of a download manager.

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Archive is okay and server is okay. The archive is RAR5 so will likely appear corrupted if you are using unsupported software to extract...


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I think I missed this popup too because I have set rules to prevent all sites from showing popups or notifications :o

Thanks mrexodia :D

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