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Teddy Rogers

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It wasn't a typo, you read the title correctly. I am after suggestions to improve the The Board Rules & Frequently Asked Questions. In general I am after input on what rules you think we may need to see added or omitted to help shape and define the future of our community.

I am also after your input covering these two sections;


03. I Am New to Reverse Code Engineering - Where to Start?
04. Should I Learn How to Code?

If you can list any books, websites or any information that helped you to get to where you are today or you think is a valuable resource for others to use and refer to will be great. I will compile the list and overhaul these sections based on any input I receive here. Please remember this will be used as a brief guide to direct members for further research and is way out of the scope of being anything other than that. Also take in to account who the questions in that FAQ may be directed at.

Only legitimate links to legal resources please, if you are referring to a particular book a link to Amazon or other commerce website is okay. Thank you...

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