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How to make logic while coding??


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Hi everyone

  As the title depicts all!! Anyone willing to share his/her experience regarding this.

All suggestions r welcomed!! 

Thank u in advance! 

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When i started coding in 2013 that was the same problem i had ,i thought i knw language i know the basics of language like data types,paramteres passing bla bla whatever but how to make the app with these codes that what was my questions and how to code according to requirements.

Well to be honest i started up with this questions in mind while i progressed they got their answers itself.

Logic is actually a woraround we make for the feature to work or for the feature to work on different platforms devices etc


Logics are basically coded with the operators so if you have learned or studdied operators in your computer classes then  thats what you need.


Operators are of different types example conditional ,relational,arithematic etc

Now you need in the start is input output examples and APIs which are so better just pass locations like source destinations etc and APIs does ur all work.

Snippet now i codes something like a patcher,which looks for local directory which is here example C:/Users/Jasi2169-Username/Local

Here i can use API to get

Example environment.specialdirectory.local something (well IDE have control + space to show the all available options for ecample u wrote Environment. Press control + space it will show available options i used specialdirectory again dot and press contrl+space show next available options use destop,mydocuments etcs) okay now lets think the APIs is deprected in new windows like windows 11 for just instance but new APIs cane for that so this his how u do logic


If (windows <= 10)

Use previous API

Else // assuming its windows 11 or up

Use new api


So its a logic you made a workaround to do something right as per requirements.

Now we also do some other workarounds without APIs

Well when something dont work i look in google search if i dont find sometimes in toilet my mind works great i think what shud i do to make it work and i get different ideas if i do like that or that then i code according to that and send files for testing if taht workaround worked or not.


Developing is pain in the a$$ to be honest,well every field is like that you gotta use to it,only eating is simple and cooking and then eating is hard.


Good luck


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