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Custom ConfuserEx


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Difficulty : 4-5
Language : .NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : All
Packer / Protector : My Custom ConfuserEx

Description :

Fully unpack the program and get the code I have hidden inside (Enter it in textbox and check it)

Please provided details/a tutorial on how you managed to unpack it.

Screenshot :



Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/1jin7v
Download is also linked below.




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Difficulty is 1/10: monkey with half a brain can obtain the "code hidden inside" using DNSpy. Like this:




Tutorial? What tutorial? Just google any beginner introduction on how to use DNSpy. Or read the tutorial "How to break almost every ConfuserEX crackmes" by @XenocodeRCE (attached).


How to break almost every ConfuserEX crackmes.pdf

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