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asmjit encoding error: Invalid State


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I'm very new to assembly/disassembly and x64dbg.  I just picked it up because I need to patch an old version of Nvidia Screen Capture Service so that it doesn't automatically force-change my Twitch titles.  Newer versions of this program do not do this, but the newer versions are also unusable for me.  The old version works perfectly fine except for this oddity.

So I've found the function call and the address I'd like to jump to, and while using XEDParse, I get this (seems good?):


But while using asmjit I get this:


My question is, what does "Invalid State" refer to? Is this a syntactical error on my part?

Also, does it matter which parser I use? If I use XEDParse, will an instruction which is smaller by 3 bytes cause issues in the executable?

Please forgive my ignorance, and thanks for any information.

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