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I want to write a sandbox. I want to know exactly what parts made up a sandbox and how to work any how. Can anyone recommend a resource in this regard?

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A sandbox is nothing more and nothing less than just a Virtual File System hosted in a Physical File System, Everything you do on a Sandbox, every file you put, every file you get, everyfile you execute, is populated in this Virtual File System, meaning even though the host is your Local Disk, it doesn't necessarily touches it or harms it in any way possible, now Sandboxes brings complex terms into its subject, for example Virtual Proces Emulation, etc, etc. so You will have to emulate the execution of a process within the Sandbox itself, and so on, and so on. This process emulation is nothing more and nothing less than just a driver filtering files on your file system and detouring such actions that your virtualized process access...

So, ultimately, you basically wanna start researching on Virtual File Systems, as the subject suggests, it heavily depends on it, later on, work your way up into virtualizing your processes, etc, etc.. It's a heavy topic for someone alone to grasp and even accomplish, I would say, study the topic really good, and then go on with it.


Good Luck,


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Sandbox is a misleading term, can I ask you kindly to tell what features or goals you are expecting from it ? Do you want to analyze malware on it ? Is it going to run on machines of end users or on your own server ?

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