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Downloading error


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so you mean any file you're trying to download is damge?Maybe you got something running on your system what does make the file damage.Any Virus or Malware.Just scan your system with any Anti xy tools to find something and clean it if possible.

PS: If this isn't the problem then post any links of what you did download so that we can test them too so I can't imagine that these files are really all broken.


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@Shefo : You MUST use the Winrar version 5 or above to unpack the RAR files...

The versions 4.xx do NOT work and would throw such an error ....

Most common cause of complaints like yours here :)


P.S :

Nice to hear from you @LCF-AT ... Was missing your posts :) 

Maybe you are working on the next big thing (VMP v3.0.9 ) ? :D

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I have the another problem any files that are over 100mb that I download the server stops 

Example Creating Code Obfuscation Virtual Machines.rar stops at 90mb


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@*()TN spoti: you mean this: https://tuts4you.com/download.php?view.2864 ? 

Downloading works just fine for me. Most likely it's a problem with your internet connection/browser cache/antivirus/something else on your side. Try downloading the same file from Mega: https://mega.nz/#!R84BhSIB!KZnAQUn3FsbPBfbvlTMS-hsGoxOmwpe5b_ELz_wvvcw and see if that helps.

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