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RDG Crackme 2016 v0.1 [vb6 :)]


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Difficulty : 5/10
Language : VB6 [Inmortal] 
Platform : Windows 32/64
OS Version : All windows
Packer / Protector : None

Description :

1) Try to get a Valid serial for your ID

2) Patch :/ (for good work Message)

Anti Debug: 5/10

Anti Decompile: 3/10

Anti Tracing: 5/10

Anti Dump: 2/10

Anti Dump: 2/10

Extra: 8/10


Screenshot :





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i cant even run this on win 10,GUI dont show but shown in processes
It is suposed to run right ?

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1 hour ago, RDGMax said:

try to run as admin

Unfortunately running it as admin do not work either.
Maybe others have same trouble ?

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Sample Serial



Serial: B6B660B347637568785FF1A4C47419EDB72536ABE817C8BD7231253AB0BE560FA57FC12EE76B40D7D22285EF8561D3852F0798258CBD8785DE5634006175EB3BDABC8947AAE7F30D48CFA91B8F74AB87



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28 minutes ago, AcidShout said:

The sample serial does not work for me, it says "invalid serial" and closes. Is this expected behaviour?

restart the system and try again...do not try to debug or modify the exe

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