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Unpack UPX Using x64dbg


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20 hours ago, crackdj said:

Hi guys, script for unpack upx modified is available in somewhere?

UPX (and its modified versions) can be unpacked with just a few clicks. Maybe you should try to do it manually instead of looking for a script :P


Other than that, you can take a look at this: https://github.com/x64dbg/Scripts?files=1

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@A200KI am not a master of unpacking, for this reason I searching for automated olly script, so I'm unable to unpack a specific x64 file here, :(

You are experienced in unpack? could you help me? :dunno:


I hate UPX modified :D


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add a word I forgotten
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[!] UPX 3.91 compressed !
[*] Warning : Modified Upx Wrapper detected...
upx internal version : 013 / compression method : 08 (M_NRV2E_LE32) - Level : 09
decompressed adler32 : 0x6927B472 / compressed adler32 : 0xD6E6522B
uncompressed size : 0x006C8A0D (07113229) / compressed size : 0x001F7870 (02062448)
original file size : 0x006B03F8 (07013368) / filter : 0x00 / ct0 0x00 / linkchecksum : 0x0C4
- Scan Took : 1.688 Second(s) [000000520h (1312) tick(s)] [233 of 577 scan(s) done]


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Seems this thread needs to be cleaned a bit, since when has unpacking someone elses crack with modified upx related to x64dbg? Is this just another i'll work out the patch for this version (by comparing) and generically use it for the next version thing.. L.A.M.E... (just as bad as a ripper..!) I hope not.. rant over.. lol

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