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Hey guys,

have a new small question about Listview.So I have created a LV and inside I do store large text parts into which are larger than 256 bytes and of course I cant see the enrire string at once in the LV.So the problem is,if I go with the mouse at one entry then windows does show the string (tooltip or so) so long till I am with the mouse on it similar like in Explorer so you know what I mean right.So it does show the string temporary but also there it dosent show the entire string only 259 byte lenght of this string so there is any limit.My strings are larger and the rest will  not shown in this case.Is there a way to change this limit to a higher value like 1024 etc to let show the whole string?Just temporary of course for my LV only.So I dont wanna create any new or own tooltip and just wanna bypass this limit of 259 bytes anyhow.Is that possible?

Thank you

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Yes I think too fearless.Really no temporary way to increase this limit?

PS: Or is there a way to disable the tooltip info for my  LV?Would also be ok with that solution if it can not show the entire string.


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lemme look up the transparent thing for you, i did it in a pid plugin.. i'll reply in a moment

for the listview try the LV_EX_DOUBLEBUFFER flag in its window creation - it kills a LOT of flicker.. the scroll thing i encountered, too to handle you need to process the messages for scroll, the invalidate rect on the whole thing is also incredibly wasteful

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Hi again,

the transparent thing I did already get working after Teds post (also if I dont remember it anymore) but thanks again.The LV_EX_DOUBLEBUFFER is also good and use it for long time now.I also dont have any LV flicker problems anymore so far and also dont use any invalidate rect APIs which makes it extra bad. :) But as I said I dont remember anymore everything so I can just check my own codes to see what I did and what not.Also the LV scroll I dont  need to handle extra anymore so there I dont get any flicker issues too anymore.

PS: Ok,I found out how to disable tooltip in LV.Just needed to remove LVS_EX_LABELTIP for LVM_SETEXTENDEDLISTVIEWSTYLE.Now its gone.


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