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ConfuserEx Modified by Myself / EnigmaProtector

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Difficulty : 8/10
Language : C#
Platform : Windows
OS Version : All (Requires .net 4.0)
Packer / Protector : ConfuserEx Modified by Myself / EnigmaProtector 3.10

Description :

Unpack the file, get the string code, clean resources and keep the application working.

and make a Short Tut for it.

Screenshot :



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Thanks for challange. I don't have time for tutorial but i can say what i do. First it's unpacked file and dll with resource.


And that's ss for valid string.


I load main exe to olly and run it. It was giving error "Unable to find runtime...." but not it doesn't matter and i use when it's giving that error MegaDumper and dump exe. It's confuserex 0.6 now. ( or try giv script for enigma v4.xx)

Only use ConfuserExSwitchKiller, ConfuserEx Proxy Call Fixer v2 by DaviCore and ConfuserExStrings by yq8 and delete all call in .cctor and delete unused members. After use de4dot and it's unpacked succesfully. But it's not run correctly because it's need dll with decrypted resources. For this i debug with dnspy a orijinal confuserex file and bp when antitamper finish. Run and see module tab you have .dll file and save that.

If my English not good sorry about that. If i do any wrong or not good say me thank you again.

Best regards.

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