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x64dbg on crowdin - Can you help with translations?


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Hello guys,

A couple of days ago @Mr. eXoDia published on crowdin x64dbg translation project.

Basically who wants to help need to translate from English to his/her mother language.

We are from all over the world here in tuts4you and i think that we must help to thank him creating x64dbg. :)

You can find the project page here: https://crowdin.com/project/x64dbg



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Thank you for sharing , I actually started translating to Greek. , I'll probably finish it tomorrow since there is a lot work to do , but its worth it!!


-Freeing knowledge from the Language barrier c:


EDIT- I've done 6% of the Greek words then I realized I was in English to Czech translation.....Deleted everything ,I'll finish Greek tomorrow.

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I wonder how do you translate the loanwords? E.g. there are many technical words that cannot be translated directly into Russian, and the synonyms may not be suitable... Is there much point in just transliterating?

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msi is right, I had to use transliteration because some technical words are symbolic and it's hard to find a close meaning in other languages.

besides, we will have to see the translation to applied to the GUI to improve it more.

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Also in my native language there are words that cannot be translated without broke the meaning.

In this case just use the English word to avoid translating something that will only lose the sense. :)


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@Teddy Rogers I added Thai to the list http://translate.x64dbg.com/project/x64dbg/th

Generally @msi you should want to use x64dbg with the translation you make. I build (unapproved) translations about once a day.

  1. Download http://translate.x64dbg.com/download/project/x64dbg.zip
  2. Open x64dbg and check the [Engine] Language section in the INI:
  3. Copy a translated x64dbg.ts to x64dbg_nl_NL.ts (replace with your language)
  4. Run the command 
    lrelease x64dbg_nl_NL.ts

    Which will produce x64dbg_nl_NL.qm

  5. Copy this file in the translations folder:

  6. Your interface should now be translated:

Sorry it's such a pain right now, you also need Qt 5.6 installed (see http://wiki.x64dbg.com (Compiling the project)).

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