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Keygen me 2016 by skypeaful


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Difficulty : You rank
Language : .NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : All
Packer / Protector : SmartAssembly + Sixxpack

Description :

1) A valid key for your HWID

2) A working keygen

Good luck

Screenshot :




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BP on AssemblyLoad, dump assembly. Drag & drop on de4dot.

Getting key

Just place bp on compare method and you will get valid key for your hwid.


Rip all methods and pass a random two_digit_value to get key for your hwid. Make sure that two_digit_value[0] = key[1] and two_digit_value[1] = key[3].


Attached keygen.


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1. dump with @CodeCracker tool for [!] Sixxpack .NET Compressor detected !

2. use de4dot for smartassembly

now here it is how it looks

Public Sub method_1(ByVal string_0 As String)
    Dim ch As Char = string_0.Chars(1)
    ch = string_0.Chars(3)
    Dim introduced1 As String = ch.ToString
    If (string_0 = Class13.smethod_18((introduced1 & ch.ToString))) Then
        MessageBox.Show("Success :D. Make keygen if you can")
        MessageBox.Show("Incorrect key!")
    End If
End Sub

now the string_0 parameter is the key we added

but here i solved it

Keygen Algo



take 2 random chars i took "s" as both

BFEBFBFF111317A8.JNCPQR2.CN8127735C138Q.LKTPro   [append hwid + LKPro take MD5]

8f3bcc97f5cb49b58a6d91bad26b761b  (f and b -> put s our random chars ,index(1) is F and index(3) is B and we have both random chars as S for F and S For B and now on places of F AND B in string replace with S )

8s3scc97s5cs49s58a6d91sad26s761s  [after replace] again MD5

B7C2BE36C6FCEFC2D12A9E374F087246  {MD5 in upper letter}

"D12A9E374F087246"  [from substring 16 gets chars]

"D12A9E374Fss7246"   [at 10 and 11 index replace with chars from above ie random chars] and again MD5

4e74dee423f86d514834 e21f10f546b6

4e74dee423f86d514834 [substring from above string ie MD5) now again take MD5

F1EB4C9CE43EFBCB F752A0718CDB6BD6  [in upper]

F752A0718CDB6BD6  [substring from 16] and now format it after 4 chars put hyphen


"Fs5s-A071-8CDB-6BD6"  and again at index(1) and index(3) put our random chars /// Now this is the key





if you want i can code keygen as well but i guess nothing left on it anymore


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