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Invalid parameter passed to CRT function


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This error pops up when I click some DLL in the symbols window or when using the "Search for inter-modular calls" for the same DLL

After that, x64dbg crashes. :(

Is this an anti-debug trick or a bug in x64dbg ?

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It works fine for me. Could you provide more details? Exact snapshot you used? Path of the DLL? x32dbg or x64dbg? What OS are you on? Can you reproduce it on a VM?

However most likely it's a bug in x64dbg. There are symbols available, if you JIT after the crash it should give you an address/file+line in WinDbg (or a version of x64dbg that doesn't crash).

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Snapshot : 25 April 016

x64dbg not x32

OS : Windows 7 64 with SP1

The DLL which produces this bug is attached.

simply throw it in x64dbg and break on its EP.

go to the symbols window and click the DLL in the list.



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I see another bug though, but still trying to recreate the bug you mentioned.

The bug i found is: load the dll.

goto symbols.

hit restart, goto [CPU] disassembler window - nothing there

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To reproduce the bug.

Just activate the event of "DLL Load" and throw the DLL in the debugger.

Press "Run" until you see that DLL loaded in the list.

Now If you click the DLL in the list the bug will happen and also

the "Search for inter-modular calls" function will produce a bug for the same DLL.

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Thanks Mr. eXoDia!
On "DLL Load" it finds 3317 calls, but if search again when EP is reached it gets crashed after 16527 calls.

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