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Editor Bug Resolved...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

It would seem after an update the editor for the board failed to work properly, after cache updated for individuals. Should be resolved now, apologies for the problem...


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Hi Ted,

I remember the update has taken just a few minutes (I wrote a reply and tried to submit it but then I got the nice main-thing update info page to see and the entire text I wrote was gone - great!No preview option = bad) and after this JavaScript wasn't working on this forum anymore what also means that nobody could write or do anything anymore so long till you come back and reco & fix that problem was also has taken a few days now.Maybe isn't a good idea only to use a JS based forum what's just working with JS and without you can do nothing anymore.All other forum templates we used before was all working also without JS if you do remember.Maybe you could send the author of this forum theme / template a message to add a opportunity to use the forum without JS so that we also can still do anything and not just looking around on the forum like some people behind a store window you know. :)


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