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Would it be Possible ?


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Would it be possible for a person like me who do not know code to develop a mobile app .

The mobile app I would like to develop is for a local soccer league , dont need ads  , analytics , etc.

But it needs to have some way to update data of new matches , the score , scorers etc,

Just want to ask if possible without knowing code.

Please give your views , negative/positive all are welcome.


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The first question is:
- Mobile app for what OS? iOS, Android or Windows Mobile?

There are service that allow to create mobile app without coding but the most of them are to show webpages.

If you don't care about the GUI what you need is a simple database app if i understand correctly and coding it is pretty simple.

I will wait for more info to try to help you. :)

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Android and iOS.

Yes it will be a database app with simple UI. Content is what I need to provide now.

Maybe someone sponsor from the football committee in my area to hire professionals in the future.

But now simple UI app will do. Also simple is something I want to start with to learn and grasp this knowledge too.,

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If you don't code maybe you are able to read code?

I just found a simple app that is perfect for your need for Android platform:

You can find it here

And that is an example to made the same approach in iOS:


Probally is not what you want as answer but as i know all the service to create mobile apps without coding have no ability to interact with a database but offers features like maps showing, use calendar, shoot photo and simple things like that.

Try to follow the examples that i gave you. The Android link explains very well the process.

Hope it helps :)


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I guess I can read and interpret what it is trying to do,

The android link is something which can be made for a players database.

It is not what I need but thanks for the links. If you have anything more let me know.

Also do you have any idea how much $$$ can the dev charge for such an app.

Which language is the best to learn to code for android ?


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If you search on Google something like "Android app database example" or "iOS app database example" you will find a lot of examples.

Try to play a bit with the code, if you do that you will surely learn something :)

I understand that what you need to do is to store in a database data inserted manually. It is right or the app should fetch this data from a website?

It will not be so much expensive because a good mobile developer can do that in a couple of hours (if you don't need a cool GUI). I don't know your budget but if you insert your request in a website like freelancer.com you will get offers by developers and you can see if they are in your budget.

To work Android os you should be able to program in Java. There are also way to program on Android using C# and the last Visual Studio 2015 allow also that (reference)

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8 minutes ago, crystalboy said:

I understand that what you need to do is to store in a database data inserted manually. It is right or the app should fetch this data from a website?


Every day 10 matches say , so very less for a days update , manual mode. Or if it can fetch from some other place where I can enter data manually. Whichever is feasible.

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