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Enigma Protector 5.xx



Difficulty : 4 and up
Language : Borland
Platform : Windows x86
OS Version : Windows Xp and up
Packer / Protector : Enigma 5.xx latest version

Description :

UnPackMe and CrackMe

I'm not share full version protect, this is protect with demo with all advance options. Good Luck


Screenshot :




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As this executable is protected with DEMO version of Enigma Protector it is possible to generate valid keys because registration constants are same. Options for Enigma Protector registration features: locked to all hardware components, reg key length - rsa 4096 bit, output base - 64bit, no unicode registration scheme.

To unpack this file you just need to follow my tutorial here

To quickly fix VMed APis use my script from the thread.

Password for this crackme can be found here

0044F053     BA 9CF04400            MOV EDX,demo_dum.0044F09C                                                                ; ASCII "5515151155-hfhfhfhfhfh-gfgfghfhfhh"

Attached unpacked file.



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