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The4Got10's Protector [Unpack]

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hi anyone i'm try to decompire it.

i thinks it best for me  , coz i can't unpack it hahaha [ i'm noobs ]

just unpack me / good luck 


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whats is hahahaha.....i think its already unpack............and hahaahhahahahaha:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Runtime.Versioning;

[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyVersion("")]
[assembly: System.Diagnostics.Debuggable(System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute.DebuggingModes.Default | System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute.DebuggingModes.DisableOptimizations | System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute.DebuggingModes.IgnoreSymbolStoreSequencePoints | System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute.DebuggingModes.EnableEditAndContinue)]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyCompany("")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyCopyright("Copyright ©  2016")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyDescription("7K Auto Click")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyFileVersion("5.0.2")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyProduct("7K AUTO")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyTitle("7K AUTO")]
[assembly: System.Reflection.AssemblyTrademark("")]
[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CompilationRelaxations(8)]
[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeCompatibility(WrapNonExceptionThrows = true)]
[assembly: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComVisible(false)]
[assembly: System.Runtime.InteropServices.Guid("a2e8c3ea-78f3-45bd-8cc4-ea1d311b6f0e")]
[assembly: TargetFramework(".NETFramework,Version=v4.0", FrameworkDisplayName = ".NET Framework 4")]
[module: Attribute0("The4Got10's Protector Professional Edition")]
[module: The4Got10's Protector]

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this file is already unpacked the attribute is left there but the file is unpacked apart from ref proxys 

its a modified confuserex seen it before not that good imho 

but as i said the file is already unpacked 

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Funny guy it's all ready unpacked


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aw  The4Got10's Protector Professional Edition  confuserex modded by me haha

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