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SSL certificate bug on www.tuts4you.com

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Downloads from http://www.tuts4you.com redirect to HTTPS version of the site. However, it uses certificate issued for forum.tuts4you.com and Google Chrome complains a lot:





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Teddy Rogers

Where did you get the "www" link from? This site hasn't defaulted to "www" in the address link for what could be getting on close to a decade now.

Chrome is reporting correctly the primary domain for the certificate as being, "forum.tuts4you.com", that is how I set it up. Secondary is, "tuts4you.com". It shouldn't throw up a certificate error so long as you don't have the "www" in the link...


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Teddy Rogers

Ah! I did say near on a decade. The server automatically tries to redirect you to the none "www" version of the site, so browsers like Edge, Firefox, etc. shouldn't have any problem. Chrome is a bit more strict about things...


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