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Bypassing Cloudflare?


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I'm creating a program to purchase items from a website. During high traffic hours, it throws me into the cloudflare queue and my program just freezes up. It redirects me to like 20 different places, super annoying. I managed to retrieve the direct ip using a series of Cloudflare resolvers and bypasses but everytime I enter the IP, it redirects me to the domain name. 

So let's say the IP is and it lets me in but it will take me back to website.com which is protected by Cloudflare. I believe adding the item via POST requests and using the direct IP will help add an item when Cloudflare is active. Checking out may become an issue as pulling up the checkout page has a special "form_key" that needs to be extracted before submitting the POST request.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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