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coder needed


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im looking for a coder to hire basically i wannt a software to do some tasks for a trivia android game called trivia crack if you think u can do it please dont hesitate to pm me so we can talk some more thanks

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im looking for a freelancer to develop some software i need vb c# c++ python is fine please pm me your rates or kik skype to talk some more thanks

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I think the answer was given to you long time ago in here:


Someone contacted me with this, he paid some Egyptian guy 15$ per hour for it. I told him I would do it for $125 per hour, but that was far above his budget. I'm not sure it is the same guy, but I don't think anybody will consider $15 for this kind of time-consuming reversing.


Try hackforums.net - their prices and skill level are a closer match to your budget.

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i m looking for a developer who s familiar with making softwares for instagram or twitter to  automate the process of account creationg follow like basically automate the features of the app if you think you got the skills for this job pm me and we talk more about details thanks

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On 2/22/2016 at 3:40 PM, kao said:

You're still looking for someone to make a spambot for free? :D


im sorry but you sound dumb ? did i say free ? i think you still confusing me with someone else i make money im not here to get anything free i m willing to pay for the job


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