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Malware music video


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I'm doing reverse videos since some time now about exotic malwares and fun things.
My videos aren't about detailing specific threats, just small overview of what they do (i try to do my video small in length)
So if you like reversing, assembly and electronic/dubstep here you go.

Chinese adware and steganography
Having a look on Win32/Kawpfuni.A (Military-espionage malware)
Having a look on Trojan/Win32.Shifu (Shifu)
Having fun with Tyupkin (ATM Malware)
Having a look on CryptoFortress config
Having fun with Dyre and API's
Having a look on Win32/Modputty.A
Having a look on Dridex config
Having a look on GreenDispenser (ATM Malware)
Having a look on DarkComet RAT config

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Those videos should be kept in a museum to let other generations learn about/from them ;)

Just a question, how much does it take you to analyze a typical malware ? Am I the only one taking hours to understand what a malware does ?

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Nice ones. May i ask you which plugins are you using? You are getting a bunch of useful features i see.


And btw, why arent tese files packed/virtualized/obfuscated at all? And how did you get real ATM to try the malware on it? The ATM stuff seems like super-super-super interesting topic man!

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it don't take me long to figure how things work (especially for this one) since it's zeus based if you have previous experiences with zeus, things go easier.
for example this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7tEwl1YvMg i did 4 years ago, you may recognize things if you watch it in parallel with kins

and yep it's speeded up, my keyboard would be full of blood otherwise :)

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