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[Help] about hookjit and ilcode compile


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hook compileMethod  like this

HMODULE hJitMod = LoadLibrary(_T("mscorjit.dll"));
	if (!hJitMod)
	p_getJit = (ULONG_PTR *(__stdcall *)()) GetProcAddress(hJitMod, "getJit");
	if (p_getJit)
		JIT *pJit = (JIT *)*((ULONG_PTR *)p_getJit());
		if (pJit)
			DWORD OldProtect;
			VirtualProtect(pJit, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), PAGE_READWRITE, &OldProtect);
			compileMethod = pJit->compileMethod;
			pJit->compileMethod = &my_compileMethod;
			VirtualProtect(pJit, sizeof(ULONG_PTR), OldProtect, &OldProtect);
			bHooked = TRUE;

.but how to hook the jitNativeCode and Compiler::compCompile method....

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