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OllyDbg Deobfuscator C++ Source


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Hey all,

recently I came across some old source code from me again for an OllyDbg Deobfuscator Plugin, so I decided why not share it as well. I wanted to improve it and use emerged librarys but that was just a hobby and I haven't found time again for it. Maybe the code can help someone working on x86 deobfuscation and that kind of stuff to get some ideas...


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Thanks Mr. eXoDia!

The reason why I didn't continue to work on the project was because it was basically a dead-end project, it was dependent on OllyDbg and didn't use libraries like Capstone or Unicorn (wasn't available back then), so I looked up accessed flags, register and stuff like that by myself.

I wanted to do a rewrite as a generic library but unfortunately the project didn't go very far since I became busy with other stuff.

It was still interesting, it was actually able to grab handlers from Themida CISC and RISC VMs (without fake jumps only if I remember right), remove a lot of junk code from them and write them back. Talking about single handlers here only.

But still it didn't make much sense to continue working on the project without a rewrite...

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