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Memory Leak with VTK engine.


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Hi guys,

I need your help. I'm using the VTK engine for my project but it's occurring memory leaking.
It's occurring when go over InsertNextScalarValue function.
Leak about 1~2MB when CSurfaceRenderer::Setup function finished.
I haven't determined the detail cause and I'm looking for a method to fix it. Who has experience about it can help me?

Thanks so much.

std::auto_ptr<CSmoothSurfaceData> m_pSmoothSurfaceData;

bool CSurfaceRenderer::Setup(const CCalcMatrix3D* pCalcMatrix)
  int numRows = pCalcMatrix->GetRows();
  int numCols = pCalcMatrix->GetCols();
  int numPlanes = pCalcMatrix->GetNumPlanes();
  const float* pPosX = pCalcMatrix->GetpPosX();
  const float* pPosY = pCalcMatrix->GetpPosY();
  const float* pPosZ = pCalcMatrix->GetpPosZ();

  m_ColSpacing = pCalcMatrix->GetXSpacing();
  m_RowSpacing = pCalcMatrix->GetYSpacing();
  m_OriginX = pCalcMatrix->GetpPosX()[0];
  m_OriginY = pCalcMatrix->GetpPosY()[0];

  // Create smoothing data.
  m_pSmoothSurfaceData.reset(new CSmoothSurfaceData());
  m_pSmoothSurfaceData->SetDataDimensions(numCols, numRows, numPlanes);
  for (int i = 0; i < numCols; i++)
  for (int i = 0; i < numRows; i++)
  for (int i = 0; i < numPlanes; i++)

  CCalcMatrix3D* pCalcMatrix1 = const_cast<CCalcMatrix3D*>(pCalcMatrix);
  for (short z = 0; z < numPlanes; z++) // numPlanes = 27
    for (short y = 0; y < numRows; y++) // numRows = 54
      for (short x = 0; x < numCols; x++) // numCols = 55
        m_pSmoothSurfaceData->InsertNextScalarValue(pCalcMatrix1->GetDose(x, y, z)); // <- The issue here: InsertNextScalarValue
  return true;

inline void CSmoothSurfaceData::InsertNextScalarValue(double value)

// Description:
// Insert data at the end of the array. Return its location in the array.
vtkIdType InsertNextValue(double f)
  return this->RealSuperclass::InsertNextValue(f);

template <class T>
vtkIdType vtkDataArrayTemplate<T>::InsertNextValue(T f)
  this->InsertValue(++this->MaxId, f);
  return this->MaxId;



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I don't know anything about the framework you're using, but const_cast looks wrong to me :D

The memory leak is plain and simple, you do:

m_pSmoothSurfaceData.reset(new CSmoothSurfaceData());

Just make sure to free the old allocation first (no clue how it would work in this case since I don't know the framework).

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Thanks Mr. eXoDia for your replay. But fixed it. vtkSmartPointer should be used:

vtkSmartPointer<vtkDoubleArray>m_pDataArray = vtkSmartPointer<vtkDoubleArray>::New();

But my old code was:

vtkSmartPointer<vtkDoubleArray>m_pDataArray = vtkDoubleArray::New();

My old code above didn't reset reference count when renew.

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