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Could you please upload the complete package, including all the required Qt and VS DLLs? It's kinda hard to make it run for someone who has no experience with Qt whatsoever.. ;)

As for VM, it looks like nothing I've seen so far. Stack-based VM, 4 virtualized methods, 0x41 opcodes, it would be fun to reverse - if I could only make it run... :D

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Oh sorry, forgot some dlls :lol:

I have added to the package the qt libraries, as for vs dlls I think is a better idea to install "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013", or if you have VS 2013 then they will be already installed.

Wow I see you already have some info just by static analysis ^^.



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I noticed the missing files whilst I was reviewing this. I should have brought it to your attention myself, apologies...


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