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Bug showing last activity in challenges section


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As of now, the last topic & post in challenge's section is made by @cawk on Sunday, January 31 inside unpackme's section :



However, the category listing shows us that the last post in Unpackme's was made by @White on 26th of January - which is incorrect:



To make matters even more confusing, main page says that the last post was made by @0xNOP on Saturday, January 30 (which is also incorrect):




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Mind showing us with how many RAM are you feeding this fox right now ? I'm curious / shocked about TabPage.Opened.Count();

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It's totally offtopic but ok, I'll bite.


My Chrome has around 20 processes running, using in total 2-3GB or RAM. :) On average my system uses 4.5 out of available 6GB of RAM. 



RAM is cheap these days and I very much rather keep X tabs open in a browser than add X static bookmarks which I will never visit again.

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