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Hello Friends I have one android application

and I want to protect it against reverse engineering,

So please suggest me the right protection which protect my android application.



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There aren't real protection that you can use to protect your app all the protections that i will explain can only slow the process to a reverser.

Someone can suggest to use one of the following method:
- Use obfuscators
- Add tamper check to the code (check here)
- Check if the app is running inside an emulator (Genymotion, Bluestack...) (check here)
- Check for rooted device
- Check that the debug flag is off (if on the app is tampered)

if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
  // if is debug then lock something

- Use certificate and check that the app is signed with your certificate

All the solution are patchable and a skilled reverser can bypass all this if right motivated.

The only way to REAL protect a software today is build a server that will decrypt part of your code at runtime and use online features and in-app purchase.

Also this can be cracked if a reverser have access to a legitim buyed app but all this stuff toghether will give you an acceptable security.

Hope it helps ;)

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I dont agree with this

- Check for rooted device

Cmon man 50% users are rooted and they can use all apps even protectors like dexguard or google dont have problems with root check not good thing it means you are blocking root users might make superuser angry though it  be the first thing people will talk to remove it ○.○ oh i forgot u are rooted n then u have xposed now without touching any app everything is bypassed ;)


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I didn't told to do it, i just explain what he can/should look into. That was an introduction of protections in general.

The author will choose what will fit best his needs. ;)

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