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Keygenme 2016 - 2 - giv - VB .NET


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Difficulty : For the algo itself i guess that 2 is enough. 
Language : VB .NET 2010
Platform : Windows x64
OS Version : Vista and above
Packer / Protector : Eazfuscator.

Description :

1. Write a valid keygen for the target.

Good luck!

Screenshot :


Keygenme 2016-2.rar

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for the moment i can't remove the virtualization of Eazfuscator, i need to study it soon and with luck do an unpacker

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6 minutes ago, converse said:

Compile please

It will not be fair to do that and you to use.

Each challenge must be taken by every user as his own challenge, not use ready-made tools by others and do a formal stuff.

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It's as simple as running 3 commands in Visual Studio x86 Command Prompt (tested on VS2010, VS2012, VS2013 and VS2015):

git clone https://github.com/saneki/eazdevirt.git .
git submodule update --init
msbuild eazdevirt.sln

First command gets the source for Eazdevirt. Second command gets the correct version of dnlib source. Third command compiles it all. So, don't be lazy and compile it yourself. You will need to modify its source to make it work with this unpackme anyway. 

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1 hour ago, YuqseLx said:

I think it's not ready for v2 i will compile but it's say 0/8 devirtualized methods

Sure, because there are a lot of changes in vm of Eazfuscator 5.1 comparing to 5.0.

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19 hours ago, SHADOW_UA said:

Sure, because there are a lot of changes in vm of Eazfuscator 5.1 comparing to 5.0.

i tried to fix but error when it was read exception handlers

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