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[unpackme] WinLicense_2.3.8.0.UnpackMe


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Unpackme : WinLicense_2.3.8.0

Linker : Delphi 

Hardware ID: 1057-C911-F86F-03EB-CB96-290C-7855-2BAE



Have fun ! :)


Best regards,






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Teddy Rogers

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Just run the target till you get the HWID NAG then go to the VA (target base 400000) address and enter value 1 inside then press Ok on tne NAG.Try again.


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On 04.03.2016 at 11:29 AM, converse said:

	Bypass HWID
004D8279         CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EDX],EBX   //patch EBX = 1
0059002E         CMP DWORD PTR DS:[ESI],EAX   //patch EAX = 1



For me was enough to patch EBX at VA 


and the app run.

Edit. APR. 04 2016

Here is attached unpacked file.

HWID is bypassed by hand the rest is done via LCF-AT script.

Removed useless sections.




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just check out the raw sizes of your dumped section and set them new if needed and make a rebuild.Use any PE tool for that.Useless section are for example the protector / packer section if they are not needed anymore to access datas from there etc.Also other target sections like TLS etc can be removed if was used.Just check that out and then reduce your unpacked files to make them smaller.


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