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His PM

I'm sorry to disturb you, because I have a little problem and I unable to adjust
I buy software hack at a Tunisian for the sum of 150 euros and the software is packed with protective vmProtect and enigma but the seller has one year deadline and this function is not included in the terms of  purchase
My problem is that I can no longer use the software and I need it
as the software is x64 I can not use OD and scripts  
so if you can help me to solve the probelme I would RECOGNIZING you 

and i can pay 400usd for this job 
please set display hiden file to display all files 
plase take look to files and response me at EDIT@gmail.com
this is his 3rm PM to me within 2weeks
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This member has been banned. If you guys get messages like this from other members please report or add me to the conversation. This allows me to check and apply appropriate response...


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somebody asked me to crack something for $ a lil ways back..

obviously they dont know me from anything or ever seen me around..i dont even crack lol


cheers mates!

B :)



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