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[KeygenMe] C2SA - CrackMe/KeygenMe [0xNOP]


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Easy KeygenMe as simple as it gets.

Goals for this KeygenMe:

#- First Place: Gold Medal (Develop a KeyGen.)
#- Second Place: Silver Medal (Obtain a Working Serial.)
#- Third Place: Bronze Medal (Patch the System to Good Boy Message.)

NOTE: This Challenge is time recorded, meaning as soon as I end up writing this post, the Time Span for this challenge begins, if someone achieves one of the objectives, the Time Record will be the one when He/She meets one of the requirements above mentioned. (e.g. developed the leygen, posted a working serial or patched the system.) I know there is not much of a sense recording the time you took in achieving one of the goals because no one knew before hand I was going to release a timed challenge, but still you will have your time recorded for history sake :D Enjoy!


#- First Place: lostit [0041-Medal-Gold-icon.png]
Challenge Survival Time: 1 Day 17 Hours
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/zLippFc.png

Lostit Provided Keygen Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s6fju0q5s0e718f/C2SA_Keygen_by_lostit.zip
#- Second Place: Extreme Coders [0040-Medal-Silver-icon.png]
Challenge Survival Time: 1 Day 18 Hours
#- Third Place: "???" - Time Record: ???


C2SA - KeygenMe - 0x90.zip


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17 hours ago, Extreme Coders said:

Silver for now :)

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Extreme Coders


Congratulations, your spot and award has been given :D

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