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dnlib - OptionalCustomModifiers


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Yo guys,

I already asked this on BS but unluckily nobody found a solution there eitehr, so i decided to ask on tuts4you :)

What I am trying to do is basically, converting this System.Reflection based code into dnlib-only based code.

   int num2 = fieldFromHandle.GetOptionalCustomModifiers()[0].MetadataToken;

So, how can I do what this code does with dnlib ??

I already looked through the dnlib src but I couldn't find much.

The user "n0th!ng" suggested me to check out CModOptSig() in dnlib, - which I did, but I couldn't come up with a

proper solution either, since I dont entirely understand this line.. (I know it grabs the MDToken of a class, but not how the class is choosen etc)

Never really worked with "OptionalCustomModifiers" before... :(

So probably someone who is experienced with dnlib can help me out :)

Have a nice day^^

@yck1509 : Yes, it's part of ConfuserEx ;)



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