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How to set a slider control position by mouseclick?


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Hi again,

got a new problem again where I need some help.I created a sliderbar control and wanna change the position by mouseclick exactly where I do press with the mouse.I did subclass the slider control and do catch at WM_LBUTTONDOWN message and wrote my code so far...

	        LOWORD lParam
	        mov pt.x,eax
	        mov ISH, eax ; <----
	        HIWORD lParam
	        mov pt.y,eax

            push CHANNELRECT.right
            pop eax
            push CHANNELRECT.bottom
            pop ecx
            push CHANNELRECT.left ; x
            pop edi
            push CHANNELRECT.top  ; y
            pop esi
            sub eax,edi
            sub ecx, esi	        
            mov edx, CHANNELRECT.left
            mov ebx, CHANNELRECT.top	        

	        mov FULL_LENGHT, eax

	        mov eax, ISH ; current
	        mov ecx, 64h
	        mov edx, 0h
	        mul ecx
	        mov ecx, FULL_LENGHT ; full length
	        mov edx, 0
	        div ecx
	        invoke SendMessage,hWnd,TBM_SETPOS,TRUE,eax

...so its also working good so far but the small problem I have is that the slider will not set exactly at the position where I press with the mouse so its some mm more right at the beginning and gets less at the end so at the end its correctly etc you know what I mean.So have I to calc else or so?My slider maxrange is set to 100.Anyway,so I come not clear again with that calculations so maybe you can help again a little.On the net I found a Delphi example what does div by 2 anyhow etc.



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I have another question.Does anyone know how to set a window smaller than the client itself?Same as in your videoplayer like VLC.Just imagine you start playing a 16:9 video and now you wanna cut the view to 4:3 format (left & right side get cut of video).Problem now is how to handle that.So I have set the clientwindow (videowindow) same to player window at WM_SIZE so that the video does move with the app window if I change it.So I am getting totaly confused so maybe you can help a little.


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