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[UnpackMe] Unpack Me packed by ZProtect and UPX


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@Teddy Rogers

Here is a thread to trash. OP is not the owner of the file. The "register" button in the dialog generated by ZProtect leads to a facebook group ("GSM.SUNDHA"). More suspicious, OP pretends he has enabled the HWID feature, but is not providing a valid license. I smell horsesith.

If OP could prove me wrong I'd be glad of course.

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Then please read the rules:


If you have coded your own program it is up to you to prove it is your work especially if it is not a basic crackme but a fully functioning program that you would like the protection of the application to be tested by members here. This can be done by using screenshots, a sample of your code and other details you feel will help. If there is any doubt it will end up in the Trashcan.

To prove it's yours, could you please change the link to forum.tuts4you.com ? :)



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I will not post the unpacked file.

Just look here:


1. Bypass HWID and reach UPX OEP

2. Unpack UPX stub.


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