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[crackme] Find the flag by extremecoders

Extreme Coders
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Extreme Coders

@GIV: Good Work. :)


A little hint if someone else is interested in finding the actual flag. It consists of exactly 30 printable ascii characters.

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They can do a simple compare of my patched file with original file. Is just a byte patch.

Is a xor and a compare operation and a simple jump to pass the bad boy message.


I have searched in memory the bad boy string, put a hwbp on access on the first letter then when it was triggered i looked in the call stack to see from where it was accessed and forward using the stack i have reached the actual check routine.

I have no patience to recompose the original string just i have put a compare to be equal (EAX=0) and so the program jumps always to good boy.

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The thing is, in an actual CTF you'd need the string. C'mon yer ol' lad, put a little extra effort in this, at least it is not the usual "überpacked" .NET file, too much of that sith has been posted here in the last year...

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EDIT: I enjoyed it so much that I think it deserves a small writeup. Coming up in few hours.. :)

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