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Print without dialog box.


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Hi all,


I am developing a POS system for a hospital management solution using asp.net mvc, angularjs, javascript and rdlc for reporting. 


Anyone know there is anyway to print the rdlc directly without previewing or showing print dialog box

in the client PC and without using third party components?


I have searched in the internet and found some solutions, some of them uses third party components like 'itextsharp', 'crystalreport' etc.


Any help will be appreciated.




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Are you sure that even makes sense? How would you know that the default printer on every client is the correct printer?


I think there's a good reason the printer dialog pops up! :)

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Without Third party then u need to code ur own webclient printer :P

There r somany source available just grab best one or do reverse engineer ready made if u lazy inuff ;)

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gamer and nieo, thanks for u r reply.


@gamer, no matter the default printer is correct or not, I just want to send the print to it.Setting the correct                       printer is up to the client.



@Nieo, I have looked at those solutions in the web, also tried the webclientprinter by Neodynamics.

             It can print the document without dialog box but we have to install their software in our clients.

             Finally i realised that it is not possible to print without the dialog box if it is possible Neodynamics will                use it in their soft, instead of installing softwares on each client.


Thanks for your help,



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