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[KeygenMe] Simple crackme

Go to solution Solved by kao,

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Hey everybody,Here is a simple crackme for you guys, should be fun :)Keygen/Serial preferred, but if you can only patch submit how you did it anyway.

  1. kao fully solved the challenge
  2. gryzon posted a serial
  3. Jasi2169 submitted a patch



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Haskell : ( - But I plan to take a further look into it when I get a bit of free time :)

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@Mr. eXoDia:

I have a suggestion for x64dbg, can you add an command bar like Olly 1.1 commad bar

where you can simply type in "a address" - this will assamble the address!

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and     ebx, 7
cmp     rbx, 2
jnb     short loc_403384
mov     ebx, offset Main_invalidCodeText_closure
add     rbp, 8
jmp     qword ptr [rbx]
mov     ebx, offset Main_wellDoneText_closure
add     rbp, 8
 jmp     qword ptr [rbx]


only crk any serial any name == welldone ;


:- http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/u4XupFmo/file.html


i am not good in keygening :(

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  • Solution

Here's something better than a patch:

kao : 9cbf76f2a7

tuts4you : 576be479a1


Let's see if someone else can come up with a keygen.. :)

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Really amazing work from kao (full keygen was delivered to my PM) and congratulations on your 1337 post counter!


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