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[keygenme] The easiest there ever was


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Making an actual keygen is impossible in certain programming languages (like C#), so I'm not going to bother.


004033CF   56               PUSH ESI004033D0   E8 4F770000      CALL <JMP.&MSVCRT.atof>004033D5   D95C24 14        FSTP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]004033D9   D94424 14        FLD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
This part of code converts string like "6263206535" to 32bit floating value "6263206535.0000000000". Then stores it in a 32bit integer losing precision, and then loads it back into float again - but this floating value is already rounded: "6263206400.0000000000". .NET uses a slightly different approach, so the rounded values do not match.
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Inlining to put it in UI is a neat solution.


The whole thing is based on equation x-((9.4837x)/100.0) even though this is just part of the key algo. It's the hardest part because of precision which is hundred thousandths before the last stage.

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