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[DeObfuscateMe] Simple Builder


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Nothing fancy for the app, is a concept to those builders people use in Malware/Server Generators, The Stub is currently missing but you can use literally anything as the Stub xD


Just pick any executable, copy it to the builder directory and rename the file to "Stub.exe" it should work as expected.


Simple DeObfuscateMe


- AznObfuscator Custom (ConfuserEx)


For me it's very difficult to deob, If you can do this, then you are all f!@# gods xD


Tried everything:


Dumping -> Leaves Crashing app, Tried Fixing it, Failed...

Used CC tools, None worked.


Using UnConfuserEx Seems to work, but leaves app crashing -> Tried Fixing and still crashes...


De4Dot.. Just forget about it.


IDK what else?


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