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[DecompileMe] Virus found in my PC [.NET]


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Looks like I was infected by some virus, no idea where I got it.
It's .NET
You have to run it like this in order to run:
adobe_flash_player.exe /00000017


Anyone can decompile this and find out what's doing? Looks like a custom obfuscator was used. De4Dot is cleaning it up but strings and other data is still encrypted.





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Pretty boring and ordinary malware, calls home, download commands, does some downloads (pay-per-click scam?), uploads stuff and other boring crap. 


Deobfuscate only inside VMware using this command-line:

de4dot adobe_flash_player.exe --strtyp delegate --strtok 06000195
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I think it's some kind of shitty thing that visits webpages.


The problem is, I have absolutely no idea where I got this. I always run executables sandboxed and it also added itself to HKLM startup (I ran the infected .exe as administrator, wtf)


Also, what decompiler you are using? (Sweden)

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