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Taskmgr cracking users TAB to hide a specific user


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Taskmgr cracking users TAB to hide a specific user



Hello , i hope everyOne is feeling good in this beautiful forum with some Knowledge.


There's 1 month i'm trying to Hide a specific user from taskmgr ... and Someone who i told the IDEA made this code , and he didn't want to share it with me ... and i find this very Idiot i'm sorry for the word......



So any one can help us making that and then Sharing the code please ?


i know that taskmgr is using wtsapi32.dll , and a function called InformationsessionW is loaded by the taskmgr to show the USERS...

So how to hide a specific user like this man did ...



WE WANT THE FULL CODE PLEASE , thank you very much


this is the link of the picture: http://s18.postimg.org/tm3fe5s08/11939023_855520494534200_1362072272_o.jpg

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