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[keygenme] X-88 - KeyGen Me #9

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There is not really much to keygen here. Since nothing actually happens on the exe other then opening a browser to a predefined location (based on input and username).

Everything else happens on the server. This is not so much a keygen me rather then an exploit me to find a way to get the site to assume you authenticated.

The file (when enter is pressed) appends the data you gave it to the following url:

http://zephio.byethost16.com/csn.php?id=<YourUsername Here>&sn=<Your Serial Here>

The username is determined by the current system user.

Other then that, nothing else seems to take place inside of the exe to warrant this to be a keygen me.

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ok, I'm sorry friends. maybe I have not added a command to send back configuration, which is used to validate the software. :D


Atom OS


ID : atom0s

SN : 56018323b921dd2c5444f98fb45509de

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Teddy Rogers

X-88, please ensure you include the prefix of the type of challenge it is in the topic title. I have had to do this multiple times in the past for all the topics you have started in this forum, some examples are:





If you are unable to follow and comply with the rules of this forum please send me a PM with details and information as to why:




Consider this your last warning...



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Teddy Rogers

The [keygenme] tag has been added to your topic title. Please remember to follow and adhere to the topic title format - thankyou! [This is an automated reply]

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Hosting suspended/webpage removed? :)

My IP changeable by my ISP (not fixed), or may I use a proxy state, so when I login, Hosting provider freeze my account :(

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