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What is the best confuser & packer for c#


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hello everybody,


i am .net developer, and i see most of .net products can cracked.


i have some questions:


- What is the best confuser for .net?


- What is the best software to pack .net program?


- i usually use smart assembly then pack it by boxedApp, is that good way?


thank you


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An inevitable part of working in software development sector is accepting the fact that your application will be cracked.


I'm just trying to save your time and efforts.

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Boxed APP packer is just like you have no protection (search for a video of mine regarding this).

Appfuscator was a option but with latest CodeCracker tools seems futile.

A server based check or a kernel driver would be a good option for you.

Or use a simple ConfuserEX layer just for fun.

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A dedicated person/group will eventually crack your software regardless of the protection you have in place.


Pack your software with whatever you decide and spend your precious development time on making the software better to get more people to buy it.

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All tools can be cracked.


The best obfuscator is for me a modded confuserex and for the packer, they can almost be unpacked by mega dumper so for me, they're useless :P



But if you devellop an anti dump protection, you can use Boxed App packer or themida ;)

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Make some functions be called on a remote server so cracker will have a harder time debugging your app. AND - if crackers begin to crack your software, you should be happy. Because it means your software is valuable and you can just spend the time you are protecting your app to improving it so many more people will support you by buying your soft. Just my opinion.

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