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[crackme] CyberSecurity Challenge 2015


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Hi everyone,


This challenge has been running the past couple of days and I think many of you here will find this of interest. 


Its open till the 18th of July so it would be advisable to not give out any solutions until that date has passed.




Have fun! Its seriously interesting and challenging.

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Teddy Rogers

The [crackme] tag has been added to your topic title. Please remember to follow and adhere to the topic title format - thankyou! [This is an automated reply]

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This is the brief:


OFFICIAL REPORT:12 hours ago, security services operating on recently-received intelligence, identified the headquarters of the notorious former cyber terrorist group Flagday Associates, and entered the premises by force. However, it appears they had already been alerted to the operation and had fled the building hours before security forces arrived.

Despite carefully combing the scene, officers found no trace of the remaining gang members, and no significant hardware or other evidence pointing to their identity

However, upon closer investigation a suspicious memory stick was recovered from a corner of one of the basement rooms by officer Cheng (bagged as evidence number 299879). It is our belief that the terrorist cell accidentally left this item behind while fleeing the scene and we are now treating it as our primary lead on the gang’s whereabouts, their possible motives and on anyone else who may have provided them with assistance.

Digital forensics experts are working round the clock on recovering the data from this disk in the hope that we can use whatever is on this device to glean further information about this clandestine organisation’s true aims, how it operated and where to find the disbanded members.

We know that there is potentially-significant data on this disk – but it is heavily encrypted and we have not yet been able to recover the information in a format in which it can be used.

Click here to help us with the investigation: https://www.modux.co.uk/ncauk.recovery/. At present we are looking for any information associated with this hash: 3040ff6aa487a26c05c15e2e98c98deb383287e3ab7bf26c160ca0a3c780a897 and other potential hashes yet to be discovered.

Our work on this continues and we will provide updates accordingly.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/RlWEJoF1XUs


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