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How to determine the method of obfuscation?


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well without take a look at the code it's not easy to determine what protection has been used, at first look looks like appfuscator, but not sure.

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To me it also looks like Appfuscator.

Check if you can find a method :

int SomeName(Int32 num, Int32 num2, Int32 num3)

in the Global Module Type, <Module>

That method will only exist if it is Appfuscator and also string encryption has been applied.

Otherwise you can use de4dot to rename the assembly.

De4dot is preserving all important tokens, so the assembly should remain runable.

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int SomeName(Int32 num, Int32 num2, Int32 num3)

should be:

string SomeName(Int32 num, Int32 num2, Int32 num3)

the method should return a string!

Also the common method name is c

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its defnetly appfuscator, because:

-adding 14 fields to globaltype(7 int, 7 object)

-string decryption with 3 int as params

-incremental char renaming

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