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Tuts 4 You

mistake found in the tutorial.


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i think there is an error in the tutorial, where nops are added starting at address 401039.

it is obvious (to me) that the nops start at one previous instruction at 401034.

these tutorials are fabulous.

i would like to point out that to move the explanations along there is no need to 

keep pressing the mouse in the right corner. there is a step key at the bottom of

each tutorial for moving in BOTH directions without having to exit the tutorial.

i am using chrome and have enabled the SWF file to run without using the htm format. 

if someone has pointed out the error please ignore this essay.

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I agree those tutorials are great. Ive only done 5 at the moment.


BTW: Thats not a mistake that Call routine 401034 is part of a different function.

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